• SureOps network expands to over 100 Canadian airports

    The expansion of the operating network is a testament to the value that SureOps provides our air carrier, airport and deicing service provider customers across the country.

    November 15, 2023
  • Does your deicing program leave you feeling cold?

    You're not alone. Developing, maintaining, operating and overseeing a safe and effective deicing program is really tough sledding. Thankfully, we have you covered.

    November 2, 2023
  • SureConsult announces its foray into Creative Services

    We’ve assembled a high-calibre team of instructional and graphic designers, animators, illustrators, and creative directors to build our modern, innovative and feature-rich materials.

    November 1, 2023
  • Pacific Coastal joins Shared Deicing Audit Program

    The Shared Deicing Audit Program pool of carriers is expanding in Winter 2023-24 with the addition of Pacific Coastal. Clearly, this is one pool worth swimming in during the winter months.

    October 25, 2023
  • SureConsult develops hangar anti-icing solution

    SureConsult has introduced SureOps Hangar, a turnkey operating and training solution for companies that perform anti-icing operations in a hangar using thickened anti-icing fluids.

    October 16, 2023
  • 2023-24 Shared Deicing Audit Program is announced

    SureConsult will provide a turnkey Shared Deicing Audit Program in Winter 2023-24 at over 40 Canadian airports on behalf of numerous air carriers. Interested to know where?

    October 15, 2023
  • SureOps lands in Labrador with Irving Oil

    SureOps is the gold standard deicing program in Canada and is suitable and cost-effective for all types and sizes and operators, including the FBO market that is flourishing.

    October 5, 2023
  • Air Inuit joins the SureOps community

    SureConsult is pleased to announce the expansion of the SureOps user community with the addition of Air Inuit, further reinforcing our growth in the north.

    September 30, 2023
  • Looking to grow your training business?

    SureConsult's training business has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three years as a result of its pivot into the world of online training.

    September 22, 2023
  • Executive Flight Centre expands use of SureOps

    Executive Flight Centre is the latest provider of deicing services to license the SureOps Ground Deicing Program for use across its expanding network of operations.

    August 9, 2023
  • Major visual enhancements introduced with SureOps V7.0

    SureConsult is pleased to introduce SureOps Version 7.0, which includes major enhancements to the visual components of this flagship deicing operating and training solution.

    July 16, 2023
  • Say hello to SureOps Lite and SureOps Plus

    SureConsult is excited to announce the introduction of SureOps Lite and SureOps Plus to its expanding portfolio of operating and training products.

    July 1, 2023