2023-24 Shared Deicing Audit Program is announced

October 15, 2023

SureConsult will provide a turnkey Shared Deicing Audit Program in Winter 2023-24 at over 40 Canadian airports.

The goal of the Shared Deicing Audit Program is to conduct deicing audits to a rigorous and harmonized quality standard based on industry standards and regulations. This approach will help eliminate multiple redundant audits of the same service provider while greatly improving the overall quality of the inspections, as a single focused audit will be carried out to a stringent evaluation approach. This will ultimately assist to ensure the safety of operations, and to improve compliance and overall performance.

As the Shared Deicing Audit Program is performed on behalf of numerous air carriers, the costs associated with the entire program are shared equally by the participating air carriers at each individual airport. This includes the costs to manage the program, to perform the audit, to develop the audit report and corrective action plan (if required), and to close off findings with the service provider, thus providing a complete turnkey solution for the participating carrier at a fraction of the cost of trying to resource and manage an audit program internally.

Even better yet, since each airport in the Program is treated as a separate audit pool, each carrier can pick the airports at which it will receive the service. The Program is intended to either reinforce, supplement or replace an air carrier’s current internal audit efforts, and the service can be employed by the carrier at 1 or 30 airports in a carrier’s network, or at any number of airports in between.

If your company is interested to participate in the audit pool, even at only a handful of stations, please send us a note on our contact page by November 10, 2023. We’ll be happy to provide you with more details and pricing for the Shared Deicing Audit Program.