Program Management

We provide our air carrier partners with expert resourcing to manage their internal ground deicing programs, including training and quality assurance. Our expertise allows our partners to get out of deicing altogether or to outsource selected program activities at a much lower cost than assuming these responsibilities internally.

Some of our Program Management services include:

  • Review and amendment of internal deicing programs
  • Review of contractor deicing and training programs
  • Program acceptance letters and program differences
  • Contractor training
  • Support for internal and external deicing audits
  • Risk assessments
  • Deicing incident reviews and reports
  • New procedure implementation


We provide best-in-class instructor-led, practical, virtual and online training services, including a vast catalogue of courses at our training store SureConsult Academy. All courses are developed and facilitated with the modern student in mind, and include high-quality visuals such as videos and animations to improve engagement and learner experience.

Some of our Training Courses include:

  • Deicing Training for Pilots
  • Deicing Training for Airline Operations Personnel
  • Deicing Training for Deicing Operators (Initial and Recurrent)
  • Hangar Anti-Icing Training
  • Critical Surface Contamination Training for Cabin Crew
  • Human Factors for Deicing and Ground Handling
  • De/Anti-Icing Fluid Acceptance Training

Consulting Services

With nearly six decades of combined experience in the areas of aircraft ground deicing and winter operations, our technical team provides unique and unparalleled expertise and support to help our partners solve complex problems and achieve all project objectives and deliverables to the highest standard of quality.

Some of the Consulting Services we provide:

  • Deicing assessments, audits and process verifications
  • Deicing optimization strategies
  • Centralized and remote deicing approaches
  • Environmental assessment and mitigation programs
  • New product development and assessment
  • Field testing services
  • Product guides, technical guides and technical reports
  • Gap analysis and data analysis

Creative Services

We’ve assembled a high-calibre team of instructional and graphic designers, animators, illustrators, and creative directors to build our modern, innovative and feature-rich training and program content and marketing and branding materials. If you like what you see, you’ll absolutely love what our team can do for you.

Some of the Creative things we do:

  • Learning Management System design and development
  • Training Program design and development
  • Student workbooks and training tools
  • Videos, animations and 3D renderings
  • Technical writing
  • Voiceover production
  • Visual identity, branding and marketing support
  • Website design and development