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Based in Canada, SureConsult is a leading global provider of innovative services and solutions to the aircraft ground deicing and airport winter operations industries.


To inspire excellence for all things deicing and winter operations and to modernize the way our partners operate, train, and oversee quality and safety.


To be the world’s most appreciated supplier in our expanding niche, one with a constant thirst for innovation and for creating valuable solutions for our partners.



We have an unwavering commitment to the highest standard of quality and excellence in everything we do.


We are curious, we are ambitious, we anticipate changes, we innovate and inspire others to dream of possibilities.


We value honesty, transparency, and strive to do what is right. Our partners trust that their interests are our priority.


We listen and empathize with our partners and their needs, allowing us to foster strong relationships and provide value.


Our employees, suppliers and partners are our bedrock, and we embrace our responsibility to this community.

Management Team

Michael Chaput


Mike is one of the aviation industry’s most knowledgeable aircraft deicing experts and innovative entrepreneurs. He previously held several executive and senior management positions with aviation and technology firms and managed a wide range of high-level aviation research and development projects over a career spanning 25 years. He founded the “Sure” brand with SureWx in 2011, today the world’s largest provider of electronic holdover time solutions, and launched SureConsult in 2015. Mike is a go-to consultant for numerous international airports, air carriers, service providers and technology manufacturers, providing expertise and innovative solutions related to winter resilience, business optimization, expansion, transformation, and master planning. An aspiring full-time endurance runner, Mike believes that preparation, determination, and execution are the keys to success in business, life, and life on the trail, and he sees all bumps, bruises, and blisters gathered along the way as opportunities for learning.

Jon Traxel

Director—Programs and Quality

Jon began his aviation career stacking bags in the pit of a 737-200 while successfully working towards a degree in business administration from University of British Columbia. Nearly two decades later, he has hands-on experience in various areas of below-the-wing operations, including aircraft deicing, training, designated deicing facility operations, quality management, and program development. Much of Jon’s previous experience was gained while in a leadership role at WestJet, where he was responsible for the WestJet Airlines Approved Ground Icing Program, regarded as the gold standard in Canada at the time. Jon joined SureConsult in 2021 and has played a pivotal role in the development of the company’s product and service portfolio, management of key programs and partnerships, and strategic growth of the company. As a new parent, Jon is often learning about and attaining new levels of patience, endurance, and pure amazement. When he’s not teaching his son about the highs and lows of the Edmonton Oilers, you can find Jon staying active running the local pathways, playing hockey, or relaxing on his paddleboard in the Rocky Mountains.

Mike Johnston

Manager—Training, Safety and Quality

Mike brings a wealth of valuable experience to SureConsult gained through nearly 25 years in ground handling, health and safety and aircraft ground deicing, including nearly 20 years at Air Canada in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where he served as Safety Co-Chair and Deicing Coordinator. Mike also served as Manager, Below-the-Wing Operations, Deicing and Safety at Maintair Aviation Services, which included nearly 5 years of hands-on experience managing Maintair’s use of SureConsult’s SureOps Ground Deicing Program as an early adopter. Mike joined the SureConsult team in 2023 and is integral to the delivery of the SureConsult’s program, training, quality, and safety businesses. Mike has a love of the great outdoors and when not working likes to disappear on snowmobile or sea kayak to explore the Thunder Bay region’s pristine forests and lakes.