Air Inuit joins the SureOps community

September 30, 2023

SureConsult is pleased to announce the expansion of the SureOps user community with the addition of Air Inuit, further reinforcing our growth in the north.

Air Inuit’s ongoing mission is that of an instrument of economic and social development for the northern communities it serves, and we are beyond happy to partner with them on SureOps.

SureOps is, by far, the most widely used deicing operating and training program in Canada and is designed for all air carriers and deicing service providers big or small or anywhere in between. The program can be licensed as an off-the-shelf product, or can be fully tailored to any user’s operations. Better yet, program pricing is scaled to the size of the operator, rendering it affordable to all.

If you’re tired of scraping by and want the Gold Standard operating and training deicing program, please send us a note via the contact page.