The SureOps Ground Deicing Program is the most widely used deicing program in Canada and provides the Licensee with the necessary tools for safe and efficient deicing operations. Below is the list of SureOps Licensees authorized to employ the SureOps Program for Winter 2024-25, effective July 1, 2024.

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SureOps Licensees Winter 2024-25

Air Inuit

Air Tindi

Air Transat

Allied Aviation

Airport Terminal Services Canada

Brandon Flight Centre

Canadian North

Canwest Flight Services

Carson Air


Executive Aviation

Executive Flight Centre

Flair Airlines

Flite Line Services

GAT Ground Support

Irving Aviation

London Air Cargo

Lux Ground Services

Maintair Aviation Services


Northern Rockies Regional Airport

North Island Aviation

Pacific Coastal Airlines

Rise Air

Skyfill Aviation Refueling

Snowbird Aviation Services

Southern Aero Aviation


Wasaya Airways


WestJet Encore