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SureOps Programs

We understand your problems!

  • Training to multiple air carrier deicing programs is costly and time consuming.
  • Developing an internal deicing program is a daunting task.
  • Maintaining a program requires ongoing knowledge of industry and regulatory developments.
  • Air carriers need to approve the use of the deicing program annually.

And that's why we developed SureOps as a turn-key solution.

  • Developed to the highest quality standard.
  • Provides all the policies and procedures required for safe and efficient operations.
  • Harmonizes differences between the air carrier programs.
  • Established to exceed Transport Canada and FAA regulatory requirements and SAE standards.
  • Approved for use by many, many air carriers.
  • Contains all program elements (Manual, Training Program, data forms, exams, training record forms, etc.).

Why should you use SureOps?

  • We own and maintain SureOps on an annual basis.
  • We undertake discussions with the air carriers to maintain Program approvals.
  • We sell you a subscription to use the Program and pricing is based on the size of your operation.