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Quality Assurance & Audits

We believe that Quality should be a culture and not just ticks on a piece of paper.

It's why we provide a wide range of modern quality assurance solutions to our clientele.

De/anti-icing quality assurance audits are performed to ensure that deicing service provider's personnel are trained and qualified and that operations are conducted in safe and efficient manner according to industry standards, regulatory requirements and air carrier deicing programs.

Many air carriers struggle to meet their quality assurance obligations due to a lack of internal resources and subject matter expertise, or simply complete audits in a check-box manner solely for the purpose of completing them, which provides no positive repercussion on operations and performance.

At SureConsult, we believe that quality drives overall performance, which is why we offer a wide range of quality assurance and audit solutions to our clients, including pooled audit services. All audit solutions are based on global deicing standards and harmonized, air-carrier deicing program requirements.

The SureConsult approach not only focuses on the identification of findings from the audits and the subsequent corrective action to mitigate the findings, but also on process refinements and procedural modifications to ensure that identified findings and deficiencies are corrected and do not reoccur.

SureConsult's quality assurance audits are focused in the following areas:

  • Procedures and documentation
  • Internal processes and quality management
  • Training and qualification of personnel
  • Communications
  • De/anti-icing facilities
  • De/anti-icing fluids
  • De/anti-icing equipment