SureOps Programs officially launch with Executive Aviation

Executive Aviation of London, Ontario, has signed on to become the launch customer for the SureOps Ground Deicing Program and Ground Deicing Training Program.

For as long as I have been in winter operations, deicing service providers have┬ácomplained about the complexities of having to train personnel and perform deicing services to the different programs of their air carrier clients. Well, finally there’s a solution.

The SureOps Programs have been developed to ensure compliance of the service provider deicing operations with Transport Canada regulatory requirements, industry standards and best practices, and to provide the deicing service providers with the information necessary to conduct duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of reliability and safety. The Programs have also been developed to meet or exceed the requirements in the Canadian air carrier programs, and many carriers have already approved the SureOps Programs for use.

SureConsult is thrilled to be working with a forward-thinking organization such as Executive Aviation and is honoured by the faith they have shown in the harmonized approach.

For more information on the harmonized approach, please contact us at: