Having trouble seeing your operations through the AEA changes?

In July 2016, the Association of European Airlines (AEA) released the final editions of the AEA Recommendations for De-Icing/Anti-Icing of Aeroplanes on the Ground and the AEA Training Recommendations and Background Information for De-Icing /Anti-Icing of Aeroplane on the Ground. The documents have formed the basis of all European air carrier and de-icing service provider programs since their inception.

The AEA Recommendations are not being pulled from the shelves without reason. The international de-icing community has work diligently for several years to develop harmonized global standards for procedures and training, and the fruits of this hard work are contained in the new SAE Global De-icing Standards AS6285 for De-icing Procedures and AS6286 for De-icing Training, including 6 slash sheets containing detailed training information. As of next summer, the AEA De-icing Recommendations will simply reference the new SAE standards.

The AEA de/anti-icing fluid holdover time tables, which have been the primary source of holdover time information for European air carrier flight crews, will also be eliminated at the same time, and the sole deriving sources for the fluid holdover time information from that point onward will be Transport Canada and the FAA.

The landscape changes introduced by the transition away from AEA Recommendations should not be viewed as earth shattering for current users. Air carriers and service providers simply need to prepare for these changes and ensure that manuals are amended accordingly and are compliant with the new standards.

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